Edinburgh & Aberdeen hear 'Movies & Musicals'

‘An Evening of Movies & Musicals’, produced by Edinburgh based PDF Productions, is a major concert featuring stars of stage and screen backed by an orchestra. The Scottish leg of the production toured to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, where Apex Acoustics were asked to provide all lighting and sound for the production.

Starring X Factor winner Joe McElderry, West End star Kerry Ellis, Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall, ITV’s ‘Superstar’ contestant Nathan James and Broadway sensation Lorna Luft, Movies & Musicals headed to Aberdeen’s Music Hall followed by an evening at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.

Apex Acoustics provided 18 x flown Meyer Sound M’elodie and 8 x groundstacked Meyer Sound Mina line arrays as the main system. 4 x Meyer Sound 700-HP’s provided the low end. Front fill consisted of a mixture of Meyer Sound UPM-1P’s and UPM-2P’s. The main system was processed by a Meyer Sound Galileo 616.

On stage, Apex used 8 x Meyer Sound UM-1P powered monitors for the performers, orchestra and choir.

Front of house and monitor control came from a DiGiCo SD5 out front with two DiGiCo SD-Racks being used, one either side of the stage.

Inputs consisted of 10 x Shure Beta 87 UHF handheld radio microphones for the soloists along with 10 x Sennheiser SK5212 belt packs and DPA 4066 microphones used for Soul Nation Choir. The 40 piece orchestra was covered by 20 x Schoeps MK4 and 20 x Schoeps MK21 microphones.

Lighting and set for the production was also supplied by Apex Acoustics. This consisted of 2 x outer sections of 4m long truss and 2 x central sections of 2m long truss. Hung from each truss was 2 x Lanta Orion Link V2 batons and 4 x Lanta Fireball Par 64.

All of the lanterns were hung and wired up in house before the event so that each section of truss could be easily taken apart to be transported and allowed minimal set up and de-rigging time in each venue.

Lanta Aurora 12T’s were also used in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall to allow the team to light up the famous organ at the rear of the stage. All additional generic and intelligent lighting was provided by each venue. Lighting control came from an ETC Ion.

Sound system design was by Robin Sutherland & Ali Ogilvie, with Apex’s Paul Smith the Technical Manager for the production.

Lighting design and operation was all constructed and prepared in house by Apex Acoustics.