New Wireless Speakers for Apex Acoustics

Apex Acoustics have just taken delivery of Sennheiser's brand new LSP 500 Pro Wireless Loudspeaker.

The LSP 500 Pro, designed to save time and money, includes wireless integration to play music via a Bluetooth device, a built in USB Player / Recorder and dual batteries which are hot-swappable, even during live operation. The LSP 500 Pro is stackable from 2 to 20 speakers to fit small and large scale venues.

LSP 500 Pro is designed to be a totally wireless system, with no cables. So if you need to play music then this can be done via Bluetooth or USB and if you need to use a Wireless Radio Microphone, it can be done via the 3 Radio Mic slots on the unit. But, if cables are needed, the speaker has a microphone and an auxiliary input too as well as a line out for recording purposes.

The unit also has a link in and out, to allow easy compatibility with other speakers. However, the LSP 500 Pro can link to other LSP units via its wireless integration system built in.

Apex Acoustics have these brand new units available to hire as a single speaker or stereo systems. In addition to the units, Apex can provide trolley bags, for easy transportation and stands, allowing this easy system to be set up by 1 person.

Furthermore, Apex Acoustics are available to provide a wireless router and iPad to give you total wireless control over the LSP speakers. All the features including - equalisation, volume and mixing control, controlling single speakers or the whole system at once, settings and status of the battery life is all available on the LSP 500 Pro App.

This wireless system has been proven to be effective, saving up to 70% set up time, equipment costs and 40% less transportation efforts.

For more details on this incredible fully wireless system, just contact the Apex Acoustics hire department:

+44 (0)1382 818513