Apex Acoustics design and supply 'Parade' at Dundee Rep

Photography by Oli Beetschen

Apex Acoustics have just designed and supplied equipment to a production of 'Parade' at Dundee's Repertory Theatre which included a Meyer Sound system and DiGiCo digital system.

'Parade' which was produced by Apex Productions, featured a large cast of 22 amateur and professional actors as well as a 7 piece band.

The musical, which ran from the 7th - 10th August, tells the true story of the trial, sentence and murder of jewish factory manager Leo Frank. The production at the Dundee Rep ran almost 100 years to the date that Leo Frank was found guilty of murder and to this day, it is still not known who the true killer was.

The production company behind the show have been wanting to stage this great historic piece of musical theatre for a long time and Apex Acoustics were happy to be on hand to support the production by designing and supplying a full sound system as well as lighting equipment for the run but also providing rehearsal facilities for the months leading up to the show.

Each member of the cast had Sennheiser SK5212 and SK2000 body packs as well as MKE1 and MKE2 capsules hidden discreetly within their hair, wigs and hats. The strong 7-piece band, led by Musical Director Stuart Watson, had a mixture of Shure, Sennheiser, Electrovoice, Radial, BSS microphones and DI boxes.

The main sound system consisted of 4 x Meyer Sound UPA-1P's rigged on the proscenium of the theatre. Low end was provided by 2 x Meyer Sound 600-HP High Powered Subs and 6 x Meyer Sound MM4-XP's used as front-fill.

3 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1P's were to the sides and the rear of the audience to provide surround sound for effects within the show, including the courtroom scene when the jury find Leo Frank guilty of murder. Monitors were provided for both the cast on stage and the band in the orchestra pit, which consisted of Meyer Sound UPJ-1P's and UPM-2P's.

Control consisted of a DiGiCo SD-Rack for all the inputs and outputs with a DiGiCo SD10 at Front-of-house.

The DiGiCo SD10 was pre-programmed during the cast's last rehearsals at the Apex store before the production loaded into the Dundee Rep.

Sound design was by Apex's Paul Smith & Ali Ogilvie.
Sound No 2. was Apex engineer Finlay Watt.

Apex also supplied LED lights from their rental stock as specified by lighting designer Adam McCall.