Strathallan Upgrades to DiGiCo & Meyer Sound

Strathallan School, an independent school in Perthshire, Scotland, recently refurbished their school theatre. As part of the refurb, Apex Acoustics were asked to provide a brand new sound system, communications and cinema set up for the students and staff, so that the venue can be used as a multi-purpose room.

The Apex team spent a week onsite installing the equipment and were keen to provide the school with a state of the art DiGiCo & Meyer Sound set up. A 32 channel DiGiCo SD11 Mixing Console was supplied for control along with a DiGiCo D-Rack. The rack's lightweight and flexibility means that it can be located anywhere on the stage and plugged into any of the CAT 5 ports which are located around the theatre.

A Meyer Sound surround system was installed which consisted of 3 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1P Loudspeakers for left, right and centre. 2 x Meyer Sound UPM-1P Loudspeakers for rear left and rear right along with 2 x Meyer Sound UMS-1P Powered Compact Subwoofers providing the low-end for the theatre.

Due to the room being fully multi-purpose, Apex were also asked to supply communications and show relay for when the venue is used as a theatre for school shows, which consisted of a Telex Audiocom Masterstation and Beltpacks along with Beyer Dynamic Headsets. Comms ports were installed around the theatre so that they can be plugged in locally where needed as well as XLR Microphone inputs which go straight into the local inputs of the SD11. Apex also provided Sennheiser radio mics for the school in both handheld and body pack formats.

The show relay system was asked to be installed into 7 different classrooms located above and around the theatre as well as the school workshop. The speakers had to include volume controls on each speaker so that during school hours teaching wasn't disturbed by any activity that may be going on in the theatre.

The new cinema set up for the school provided by Apex was a 5m Electric Drop Down Screen and Denon Surround Pre Amplifier for 5.1 Playback along with a Denon Blu Ray & DVD Player. Other equipment supplied by Apex included 8 x Sections of Litedeck staging and a selection of Shure, EMO & AKG microphones, stands, headphones and cables.

Apex also provided training and as part of the installation, they provide on-going technical support for the staff and pupils at Strathallan School.