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Apex Acoustics has increased its sales portfolio and as Meyer Sound’s only Scottish Dealer, have supplied systems to Arts & Theatre Trust Fife, Perth Concert Hall, The Buccleuch Centre, Edinburgh University, Strathallan School, Blue Parrot Events (Edinburgh)

As Scotlands only DiGiCo dealer, we have supplied consoles and training to Motherwell Concert Hall, Falkirk Town Hall,Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Blue Parrot Theatre & Events(Edinburgh), Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Strathallan School, Dundee Rep Theatre and Carnegie Hall Theatre in Dunfermline.

In addition to this, we have also installed sound systems to more smaller venues, Churches, Schools and town halls across Scotland. If you are looking for advice on installations and sales then please get in touch. We are suppliers for high end audio manufacturers including Shure, Sennheiser, Meyer Sound, KV2, DiGiCo and DPA.

Lighting sales, we can supply Vari-lite & Chauvet fixtures.

Contact for information and pricing.

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